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Trust us for receiving a high quality product range comprising PLC Cold Room, Banana Ripening Chamber Cold Room, Eggs Cold Room, etc.

About Us

The fruitful growth of a manufacturing company is mostly affected by its industrial expertise and the quality of the items it produces. We, Sadiya Climate Creators on the other hand, have greatly progressed in the market since our commencement in the year 2007 by providing a large number of clients a high quality product range. We are a well-known manufacturer as well as supplier of a diverse array of products. Industrial Cold Room Outdoor Unit, Banana Ripening Chamber Cold Room, Cold Room Refrigeration Units, Cold Room, Ripening Chamber, Controlling Panel Board, Industrial Cold Room, 3 Ton Outdoor Unit, Eggs Cold Room and other similar products are included in our vast assortment. In addition to supplying high quality products, we guarantee that our business dealings with clients are performed in an ethical way.

Client Satisfaction

As a client-focused organization, our main objective is always to satisfy their specialized interests, and we do everything that we can to achieve that goal. We guarantee satisfaction of clients from the minute they place their orders until they are completed. Some of the most critical parts of our client satisfaction measurements are listed below:

  • We verify that all manufactured batches are guaranteed to fit the best quality specifications, pre-shipment.
  • We maintain the highest degree of ethics and integrity when practicing business with clients.
  • We ensure that client expectations are well-known to us, and we strive to satisfy them as quickly as feasible.
  • We keep our product prices modest in order to benefit our customers.

Quality Assurance

Customers evaluate a manufacturing organization in a variety of ways, but the quality of their goods is by far the most important, and this is where our company focuses the most. We comply with the strict quality norms from the acquisition of raw materials through the manufacturing of items. We have a team of experts that conducts various quality tests on items such as Controlling Panel Board, 3 Ton Outdoor Unit, Industrial Cold Room Outdoor Unit, Eggs Cold Room, Banana Ripening Chamber Cold Room, Industrial Cold Room, etc. Finally, high quality materials are used to package the products. Overall, all the quality assurance procedures described above help us provide the best possible service to our clients.